Advance Baggage Excess Baggage Service
Have you experienced any problem with Excess Baggage or Excess Luggage, which is greater in weight or in number of pieces than an airline will carry free? Advance Baggage Excess Baggage Service is the best & quickest solution for your problem. We will safely deliver your baggage to your destination within a very short period of time.

Advance Baggage Excess Baggage Service

You are probably aware that sending excess baggage is costly, if you wait until you fly the airline will charge 0.5% of your fare for each exceeding kg of excess baggage...

Here is a list of airline baggage allowances in economy class:
Qatar Airways - 23KG
Kingfisher Airlines - 25KG
British Airways - 23KG

Click here read more information about airlines baggage allowances

But now with Advance Baggage Excess Baggage your worries are over!!!!

Do your shopping as much as you want and no need to pay a huge amount of fines in any airport for your excess baggage. Pay a one off fee at a reasonable rate and Advance Baggage Excess baggage will transport your goods anywhere in the world providing you with complete peace of mind.

There are lots of things to consider when one is travelling. The biggest thing people worry about is their baggage, how much they have, its safety and its transport. When travelling abroad, there are limitations to the number of bags and weight of the luggage because of this in earlier days people used to think twice, thrice before planning to travel abroad picking and choosing only those things which were essential. All this is a problem no more, you can take whatever you want and Advance baggage will take care of the rest, your excess baggage will be sent to your door step or to your arrival airport (via our Advance Baggage Service Centre) for a very reasonable price.

Our Advance Baggage Company has been moving international excess baggage for years. Our recruitment policy is such that we only ever employ those people who share our philosophy on customer care and attention to detail, and who will treat our customers with the greatest respect. If you're looking for a company to manage your international excess baggage look no further than Advance Baggage Service.

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