Airline Baggage Allowance
You can view latest baggage allowance of all worldwide airlines.

Airline Baggage Allowance
Have you experienced any problem with Excess Baggage or Excess Luggage, which is greater in weight or in number of pieces than an airline will carry free? Advance Baggage Excess Baggage Service is the best & quickest solution for your problem we will safely deliver your baggage to your destination within a very short period of time.

Airline of your choice - Economy Class
Zoom Airlines 20 kg
Qatar Airways 23 kg
Oman Airlines 20 kg
Air Canada 23 kg
British Airways 23 kg
Air China 23 kg
Cathay Pacific 20 kg
EasyJet Airline 20 kg
Emirates 30 kg
Etihad Airways 23 kg
EVA Air 20 kg
Icelandair 20 kg
Aer Lingus 23 kg
Alitalia 20 kg
Air Transat 32 kg
Kingfisher Airline 25 kg
Lufthansa 20 kg
Malayasian Airline 20 kg
Northwest Airline 23 kg
Royal Jordanian 20 kg
Ryanair 32 kg
Singapore Airline 20 kg
South African 20 kg
Tap Portugal 23 kg
Thomas Cook 30 kg
US Airways 23 kg
United Airline 23 kg
Afriqiyah Airways 24 kg

Airline of your choice - Business Class
Emirates 40 kg
British Airways 40 kg
Lufthansa 40 kg
Sri Lankan Airlines 40 kg