What is an Advance Baggage Service?
Advance Baggage Service (ABS) provides you with the best service in personal baggage handling that money can buy. We are very confident that you will be fully satisfied with our service. We offer you the cheapest price, and the best baggage delivery and trading service on offer worldwide.

What is an Advance Baggage Service?
Since the tragic events of 9/11, the airline industry and its customers have endured a great deal of pain and inconvenience. Today, many people still dread going to the airport. Long lines for baggage check-in await everyone, even those not carrying baggage these days it seems that travelling can come with a great emotional and financial cost.

For example, detailed searches of passengers baggage can leave you feeling violated. Plus, it's estimated that waiting in line for baggage check-in and collection is costing the airline passenger 100 billion per year, due to lost productivity. However airlines generate billions of pounds in new revenue by handling bags from passengers who still want to bring them even though the situation can be plagued with numerous problems. Reforming the current structure for baggage handling is long overdue.

How do we solve this problem?
We need to enhance air, train and bus security, and homeland security by changing the way luggage is handled.

Rather than having to take the baggage through the check-in points, you can plan an upcoming trip and use a new procedure to ship your luggage in advance. Baggage will be shipped to reach your destination in time for your arrival. In addition, you will still have an opportunity to take more baggage with you at an affordable price with us.